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Sun Power Yoga Master Class with Regina Padma Rintchen

Monthly 2hr class Р£27
Last Saturday of every month – next class
29 February  2020 

This master class taught by Regina Padma Rintchen is a long sort of class focused on action and experience rather than observation and lecture as is usual in workshops. The sun power yoga method will be taught with the sole aim of showing you how to access poses by breaking them down into components, making the impossible possible.

Sun Power Yoga is an eclectic mix of styles, developed over the last 20 years by Anne-Marie Newland. A dynamic, flowing, vinyasa style of practice, it is influenced by the classical teachings of Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. Classes flow from one posture to another to generate heat in the body whilst building strength and flexibility.

A monthly class on a Saturday morning, Sun Power Yoga is most suited to those students with a regular physical practice who prefer a more dynamic and challenging style of yoga. The results are an amazing sense of well being with the correct amount of flexibility, strength, concentration, breath work relaxation and balance. Master class may include meditation techniques and philosophy plus a lovely neck, shoulders and head quick massage during final savasana.

Breathe, Receive & Release

With Zeynep Egitimci & Regina Padma Rintchen 
Sunday 8th of March 2020

An afternoon of yoga and breathing therapy. Regina will guide you through creative and intelligent yoga poses designed to open up your chest, lungs, heart, rib cage and throat. Zeynep will then introduce conscious connected breathing, which is a “letting go” breathing technique. A great workshop for getting to know more about yourself whilst relaxing, releasing and receiving.

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