Lockdown Interview with Lottie from Pelham James

Covid-19 Studio Update

Yoga Sun Salutations for Beginners

Handstands for Beginners

20 Minute Yoga Flow for Ovulation with Anna

Gentle 15 Minute Yoga for Menstruation with Anna

Yoga Makaton Prayer

Chair Yoga Session

Live-streamed Vinyasa Classes

March 29 - Vinyasa Flow

April 3rd - Vinyasa with core arm balance

April 7 - Strong Trikonasana & headbalance

April 10 - Moons Salutations & Eka Pada Koundinyasana

April 14 - Core plank sequence and Baby Bakasana

April 17 - Head balance and Shoulder balance

April 21 - 3 x Birds: Pigeon, Eagle and Bird of Paradise

April 28 - Playful Backbends

May 1st - Hip Openers & Handstands

May 5th - Hamstrings & Twists

May 8th - Grounding to balance

Wellness Videos

Homemade Sauerkraut

Make Kefir at home

Teacher Videos

Pilates with Emily

Slow Flow Yoga with Claryn

"Strength with Grace" Yoga with Kath

Tai Chi with Jane

Vinyasa Yoga with Anna

Ashtanga Yoga with Brioni

Sun Power Yoga Master Class with Regina Padma Rintchen

Vinyasa Yoga with Hanri

Chakra Immersion Workshops with Anna

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