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Studio Manager & Co-owner

Steve comes from a teaching profession background and has since changed careers to study for his Master’s Degree in Sustainability. He recently renovated a local cottage in Cottesmore, and now runs the cottage, called  the Bee Cottage a as a holiday let. He is continuing to pursue his interest in sustainable business ideas by managing the Oak Om studio, and feels passionate about collaborating with other small local businesses.

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Yoga Teacher & Studio Co-owner

When not teaching Yoga, Hanri is an Art Director for Quarto Publishing and an occasional Photographer. She has been teaching yoga for 8 years,  initially undertaking a 500 hour course based on Iyengar Yoga principles with a focus on alignment. She has since gone on to complete another 200 hr training course with the Freestyle Yoga Project  to incorporate movement into her style of teaching. Hanri loves sequencing postures into a fluid class, and has an interest in how body awareness through movement can help to still the mind. 


Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Jade is a yoga teacher, a sports massage therapist and also a co-owner and coach at Crossfit Oakham. Jade was th founder of Hotbox Yoga before we re-branded to Oak Om, and has a keen interest in Yoga for athletes. She combines her coaching knowledge with her yoga training, and she also incorporates massage into her restorative classes for maximum relaxation! Jade additionally offers massage sessions at both the studio and other locations. Jade can be contacted directly to book massage sessions 07415 866146

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Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Ailsa is a yoga teacher specialising in Hot Yoga classes,  she offers pregnancy massage sessions and also coaches at Crossfit Oakham on a part-time basis. Ailsa’s classes combine strength and stretching postures, using the infrared heaters in the studio. The heat helps the body warm up while it relaxes the muscles, increasing its flexibility and preventing injury. The heat also encourages an increase in cardio vascular activity and helps you burn more calories. Ailsa’s teaching style is relaxed and welcoming.  

To book a pregnancy massage session, contact Ailsa on 0762 703 743


Yoga Teacher

Liz is a yoga teacher passionate about mental health.  She delivers yin-based restorative yoga with a focus on relaxation and gentle stretch. As an Indian Head massage specialist, Liz incorporates massage as part of her classes to deliver a true sense of pause and stillness.  As well as group sessions at the Studio, Liz also delivers private sessions for individuals, couples, families. When not at the studio, Liz offers workplace wellness sessions.

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Yoga Teacher

Working in a stressful environment, Claryn turned to yoga as a space to be with herself, and attended her first yoga retreat in 2017. She trained at Camyoga and qualified in January 2019, and has since trained in Yin and Restorative yoga. Claryn has developed her own style of teaching which has been described as a ‘unique and beautiful blend of yoga’, bringing a deep sense of care, nurture and warmth to her classes enabling students to deepen their sense of awareness safely.  The styles she teaches are Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga.

Claryn is also a women’s coach who works with busy working mums, helping them create a life that gives them deep fulfilment and joy, and be the amazing role model their children can be proud of.

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Emily discovered Pilates back in 2001, but her real understanding of the benefits of a Pilates practice came after giving birth to her first son Lucas, in 2007. By 2009, after the birth of her second son Milo, Emily’s passion for Pilates had grown so much that she felt everyone needed to know how wonderful this practice could be for functional movement and healthy joints! Emily has not looked back since teacher training & qualifying with the prestigious Body Control Pilates in 2011.

Since qualifying Emily is now a mother of 3 energetic boys, and feels hugely enthusiastic about helping women “re-learn” their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. She teaches all levels of Pilates, is trained in many pieces of equipment, and specialises in pre-natal and postnatal consultations for Pilates.


Tai Chi Teacher

Jane is qualified to teach Tai Chi, Yang Style, at the highest level and is a long standing practitioner herself. She is very keen to help others enjoy the many health benefits of Tai Chi that she herself has experienced and says about Tai Chi “It is described as being the perfect way to balance mind , body & spirit as a moving meditation”


Yoga Teacher

Anna is a yoga teacher and personal trainer based in the Rutland and Stamford area. 
With a love for nature Anna finds inspiration from the Elements for her classes. Her goal is to create a warm, safe space where people can connect with their body and mind. Having qualified in Vinyasa, Anna also loves yoga Nidra and guided mediation classes creating a nurturing environment for people to delve into their minds and tap into Mother Gaia’s energy.


Yoga Teacher

Kath has been involved in staying active from an early age first starting with judo at age 4
through to 19. She later qualified as a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor. She was first introduced into the world of Yoga at her local gym. She became acutely aware that Yoga offered far more than just the physical when she experienced Yoga Therapy which helped her through depression. It was at this point she realised that Yoga has the power to help you deal with whatever life may throw at you. She has now been practising Yoga for 10 years and has been a Yoga Teacher for over three years. Most recently, Kath qualified as an AcroYoga (Acrobatic Yoga) teacher in April 2018.

What excites her most about sharing her passion of Yoga and AcroYoga is watching how it empowers people to get over their fears and perceptions about what they believe they are able to do. She also works as a mindset coach and loves exploring different ways to facilitate the mind-body connection for people’s wellbeing as a whole.

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Yoga Teacher

“Faith means unflinching trust in something sublime.”
Bhagavad Gita 2.41
Brioni sees yoga as that sublime lifestyle. However, despite growing up in a creative and philosophical community, conformity and
materialism overpowered that original wanderlust and she found herself with a bourgeoning, decade long, career in corporate hospitality, leaving behind dreams of bare feet and tall tales. To counteract the demands of corporate life she revisited alternative methods for peace of mind, taking up meditation and a steady yoga practice. Brioni travelled from Asia to the South Pacific over 6 years, during which, she realised her heart was dedicated to yoga and finally leaving corporate life she took her 200hr Astanga teacher training in 2016 then as a nomad fully dedicated her life to yoga, travel, eco communities and adventure. She spent two years living in an ashram and deeply immersed in the ancient philosophy of yoga. Therefore, her practice incorporates kirtan & philosophy in addition to the classical Astanga sequence.
Brioni is also part of the team at the Ahimsa, Slaughter Free Dairy Farm in Rutland.


Yoga Teacher

Regina is a Brazilian-Italian full-time yoga teacher and a committed yoga practitioner as well as a professional journalist. She has been a practitioner of Yoga since 1988 and first became a teacher in 2003, certified by the National Association of Integral Yoga/ANYI, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as in Sun Power Yoga Ltd in 2010. She was trained in integrative massage, levels I, II and III by Ma. Anand Aloka and also in Yogatherapy by ANYI-RJ, in 2004, and is qualified in Basic and in Advanced Traditional Thai Massage as well as in Ruesri Da Ton or The Ancient Hermit Thai Yoga by Loi Kroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga Schoo. She is member of ANY and a Secretary in Recife, Brazil, of the International Federation of Yoga (Uruguay), which in 2008 also conferred to her Studio DharmaYoga Recife/Brasil and UK the status of honorary membership. She is currently undertaking a full qualification in Menopause Yoga in London.


Studio Dog

Chunk discovered his love for lying on yoga mats from an early age when watching his adoptive mother do yoga. He enjoys taking up most of the space on the mat so that any practicing yogis need to work themselves around him. Chunk occasionally makes appearances at the studio to oversee quality control. 
Will Chunk be attending sessions? 
No, Chunk may visit the studio from time to time when passing by, but his love for searching out food from bags, and taking up yoga mat space means he mainly remains at home and the studio remains dog-hair free. 
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