Frequently Asked Questions

Then we welcome you with open arms. There is no need to be flexible, advanced or have any prior experience. Our teachers will let you know how you can adapt the practice to suit whatever level you are at. A few of our teachers are also able to offer one to one sessions for those who wish to have a more thorough introduction to yoga before joining in group classes.

If you have your own yoga mat and towel, please bring those along for your own comfort. But don’t worry if you are new, we have a fully equiped studio with mats, non-slip towels to hire (£1) and we have empty water bottles that you can fill with our charcoal filtered water for free.

For yoga and pilates classes, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes that allow you the freedom to move without restriction. Students attending hot or warm classes, may feel more comfortable in thinner layers that will dry quickly. Leggings, shorts and sports tops all work well!

We kindly ask that shoes are removed when entering the studio. If you prefer to wear socks during practice, we recommend non-slip socks.

Please allow 4 hours prior to your class for any cancelation. Unfortunately cancelling within 4 hours will incur a cost (see our cancellation policy details here) this gives us time to allow people on the waiting list an opportunity  to attend.

We feel passionate about the fact that Yoga is for all bodies, and can even help injuries and certain health conditions. However, not all classes will be suitable in all instances. Please consult your doctor before and get in touch before attending a class. That way we can advise advise you about the suitability of a class and inform your instructor.

Some of our classes, such as the restorative classes are indeed suitable during pregnancy. But we advise you consult with your doctor first and we offer more advise about whether classes are suitable for pregnancy here.

Our online booking system is an easy way for students to pay and attend classes with minimal hassle and keeps track of numbers of students who can attend the class. However, we understand not everybody may feel comfortable having an online account, so please give us a call or email us if you would like to purchase class attendance sessions through other means. We will need to book your session in advance to ensure you have a space in class.

Not all the classes at the studio are hot, some classes such as some of our restorative sessions make use of our Infrared Heating system on a medium temperature whilst other classes may only use the heating to bring the room to a comfortable room temperature. For those who do like a Hot Yoga class, Thursday evening 19:00 is the session for you! Please see our Class Info page for more information. 

Children between the ages of 12 and 16 are welcome to attend most of our sessions if accompanied by an adult, but please check with your tutor, or contact us first, since certain classes with higher temperatures are not recommended. Teens between 16 and 18 are welcome to attend all of our classes if a registration form is completed by a parent of guardian. 

All yoga and pilates teachers are capable of giving verbal adjustments as an alternative to physical adjustments, but teachers are unlikely to know which students prefer which form of adjustment. We encourage our students to mention to teachers prior to lessons commencing if they would prefer verbal adjustments. You are also most welcome to contact us via email or by phone so that we can inform your teacher prior to lessons commencing.

There is such a broad variety of yoga styles and teachings in this day and age, that yoga has become adaptable to suit modern beliefs. Some teachers teach secular classes with a focus on the physical postures only, whilst other teachers enjoy including spiritual teachings to support a variety of faiths. At Oak Om we are not affiliated with a particular school of teaching, instead we offer a variety of classes taught by our wonderfully varied teachers with a variety of qualifications. Please speak with your teacher or contact us directly if you have a question regarding class teachings.

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